Wedding Manicure Ideas For Short & Long Nails

The brides really like to do French for reasons unknown. Wedding manicure in the summer? French. Wedding manicure in winter? French. Boring! We have collected some great ideas of nail art, which seem interesting and modern. And some of them can be done by yourself, sitting at home.

Pearl Coating

This manicure was made with lacquer gel and frotation, so it will stay on the honeymoon. If you are not a fan of resistant coatings, find a regular varnish in a similar tone; they are full of different markings.

Marble Manicure

Himalayan salt, rose quartz, marble. Whatever you want to call it, we think it’s very beautiful! Choose a soft pink base and, before it dries to the end, draw thin lines with light lacquer. Apply the base dye again to grow the edges.

A Little Sparkle Won’t Hurt

A great choice for those who are shy when using bright nails, but still want to shine. Add shine only to the nail tips, it’s a bit, but it looks festive enough.

Nails Sprinkled With Rhinestones

The manicure that accompanies your wedding ring? There’s nothing cooler than this bow of beauty.

Golden Foil

Beige nails are classic, so it would be nice to decorate them with a golden sheet to create an unusual lunar manicure.


We believe that the modern girlfriend who loves experiments will love this nail art. First of all, it’s really creative. And second, it’s easy to repeat: apply white lacquer throughout the nail plate, then take an orange stick and draw the line into the nail until the main tone is dry.

Gold Placer

Especially a manicure like this looks good on tan skin. Paint your nails with your favorite beige color and select some fingers with a gold particle varnish. Apply it to the edges of the nail plate to make it more interesting.

Classic Pink

There’s nothing more wedding than a soft pink manicure. Simple but tasteful.

Bright White Color

We know, we know, the white manicure is combined with the white dress. But who cares? It’s a classic! Also, the clear tone visually makes your hands more guarded, and on your honeymoon you won’t have to think that the art of nails doesn’t match anything.

French 2.0

Can’t live without French? Then try your modern version: add another nail strip in the middle to the highlighted edge of the nail.


Let’s be honest, a wedding is a great party with your friends and family. Choose a festive manicure with … confetti! Take a lacquer with sequins on a clear base or add sequins to the base, attaching them with a lid.


If you’re not a fan of experimentation, a beige manicure is for you. It never goes out of style, everyone goes and it’s easy to combine with other clothes.

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