Top 5 Summer Trends From Amazon Fashion Week

Top 5 Summer Trends From Amazon  Fashion Week

Top 5 Summer Trends From Amazon Fashion Week have come and we are all looking for trendy yet comfortable clothes. Well, recently, some of the best fashion weeks in India have been held in various places, including Amazon India Fashion Week. as in the previous year, even this time, Amazon India Fashion Week gave us a great stylistic inspiration. Look.


Top 5 Summer Trends From Amazon  Fashion Week

Everyone likes to wear, light fabric and light colors in the summer and why not? The clear colors give us a chic and sexy look, which offers a lot of comfort. The designers had the idea to keep the fabric light, but they added the drama with lace and other accessories that I like the most.

For everyday use, you can try lace tops / dresses in pastel colors. You can also play with the combination of light colors, such as white and pink blush. This type of combination looks great and gives you an elegant look. Apart from that, you can try a more casual and sporty look with loose T-shirts, inappropriate sweaters and sneakers.


If you want to add a dramatic touch to our outfits, then the Amazon India fashion week also has something for you. The “Shivan & Naresh” collection was the best in this category.

They created a fusion of indo-western outfits and played well with prints and colors. I liked the way they played well with Western design and Indian prints.

Their collection was quite impressive, elegant and comfortable. So, this summer, you can try something like that, look stylish and comfortable.

If you like retro, this week, Amazon’s India Fashion Week print will help you a lot to get a retro look based on your personality. Large jeans, with floral top, will give you the perfect look for summers.


Top 5 Summer Trends From Amazon  Fashion Week

Personally, I like to wear loose-fitting clothes in the summer. The elegant and elegant look at the same time. This time I found this style in the “Nida Mahmood” collection.

The oversize top and a skirt are a must in the wardrobe collection of all girls. Especially in the summer. Nida has created casual and wear-resistant models. She twinned the

Skater / wide skirt with oversize tops and sneakers. His collection was ideal for street style and casual summer looks.

4) The Shades of Blue- Wedding style edit

Top 5 Summer Trends From Amazon  Fashion Week

The wedding season has come and I know you want to flip with your friend’s eyes. So, this is the “Charu Parashar” collection for you. She played very well with different shades of blue.

She kept the fabric light and chose the dark color to add volume to the wedding / party look. You can try something like this to create an elegant and chic look for a wedding or a party.

Choose the right design and the right outfit according to your morphology, but keep the fabric and light to be comfortable in this style. You can also try Gold and floral prints on your outfit to add even more drama and volume to your look.

5) Stripes Can Never Be out Of Fashion

Top 5 Summer Trends From Amazon  Fashion Week

Everyone has stripes in their wardrobe, you just have to do it the right way to create a trendy look. You can create any look with striped pants, shirt or T-shirt.

But to make a change, you can choose Clear Colors to make your look more summery. This will not only give you an elegant and stylish look, but you will also feel comfortable in these clothes.

You can even try patterns on the patterns to create new cool and stylish looks. Pattern sets are also fashionable. If you wish, you can also wear it for your classic or casual look. Try light and original prints.

So this is the top 5 Fashion week trend for Amazon 2018. Among all these creations, I prefer stripes and prints. Since the 1980s and 1990s, fashion has returned to the trend. So it will be a pleasure for me to try out modern prints and the design of the 80s and 90s. So, what are you waiting for to move forward and experience these latest trends to create your own style?

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