The Best 6 Summer Makeup Tips

When it comes to summer beauty products, sunscreen is the only thing to apply in thick layers. The Best 6 Summer Makeup Tips, According to Makeup Artists, on the other hand, is a completely different story, because anything that you get, whether a foundation, an eye shadow or a bronzer, it’s probably going to melt at the moment that you enter in the sweltering heat of the summer. (Thanks for that, sweat).

It is for this reason that almost all the makeup artists in the game swear by super light, transparent and creamy products in the summer, think of moisturizing creams and blush cream, as this helps decrease the chances of your makeup becoming a sweaty and cakey.shit happens the second he hits the sun. Sweat and water-resistant products are also key, as is multitasking make-up that you can carry with you for easy touch-up throughout the day. (Products like Nars Multiple and Bite Beauty’s Multisick are your best friends, friends).

And yet a great make-up-no matter what the season-always begins with skincare. In fact, when Allure took advantage of several MOA to discover her best summer makeup tips, everyone emphasized the importance of proper exfoliation and skin preparation with sunscreen. Are you curious to know what other summer makeup tips are up to their sleeve? Keep moving to find out.

The Best 6 Summer Makeup Tips
The Best 6 Summer Makeup Tips

Exfoliate Your Face

Before the famous makeup artist Vincent Oquendo painted the faces of any of his supermodel clients, he shaved them off. No seriously. “One of my secret weapons to create the perfect makeup look for the summer is to demo plant my clients’ skin before starting to make up for me,” she says. Dermaplaning, a form of exfoliation, is when a sharp tool, similar to a scalpel, is used to scrape the top layer of the skin and peach fuzz on it. Oquendo uses Dermaflash and then follows it with a light base or BB cream.

Go (Sort Of) Naked

Walking with 100 degrees of heat and sticky, congested humidity can make a number in a full heartbeat. Think stains, stains, and all the sweat. To avoid weather-worn disorder, Celebrity Makeup Artist Molly R. Stern recommends lightening her routine for the season and using only what she needs, such as a proofreader to cover shadows and stains. Apply a creamy corrector, such as Milk Makeup Flex, under the eyes and in areas of interest with a finger.

Try a Tinted Moisturizer

If you can’t stand going naked (pun), apply a light layer of a dyed moisturizer, such as the Nars Charlotte Gainsbourg Hydrating Glow Tint, to get a pure shine. Or, you can always do your own tinted coverage, says makeup artist Robert Sesnek, who works with Adriana Lima and Julianne Moore. “Mix the moisturizer without oil with the base for a softer and purer appearance,” he says.

Give Your Lips Some Love

The days are longer, the sun is stronger and you often move from extreme temperature to temperature. All these factors can leave your lips very dry and scaly, and we all know that doesn’t bode well for your lipstick. But don’t pout, because there are three simple things you can do to keep your lips soft: protect, scrub, and repeat. Invest in a balm as Kaplan MD Lip 20 Ultra Hydrating Treatment + SPF, which prevents harmful UV rays while blocking the moisture. Be sure to apply again all day, at least every two hours.

Invest in the Proper Tools

Most of us like to have a light base just to level our complexion during the summer, but if not applied correctly, it will slide from the face and end up looking like an oil stain,” says makeup artist Monika Blunder. To avoid a makeup collapse, apply your moisturizer dyed with a synthetic polishing brush, such as the perfect brush for complex IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe # 7. “This technique helps the base to last much longer and prevents it from looking greasy,” she says.

Use Multitasking Makeup

Invest in a product that does everything: for lips, eyelids, and cheeks, Sesnek says. Keeps your purse light and gives your look a soft, monochromatic approach. We like the pink Bite Beauty Multi stick in Papaya.

Get a (Safe) Tan

Get your fake shine with a powder suntan and lots of SPF. Apply a generous amount of bronzer powder, like the bronzer powder Lottie London So Time in the whole of his face to deepen your complexion, says makeup artist of celebrities Kelsey Deenihan, who works with Lucy Hale and Kelsea Ballerini. Then sprinkle a glistening suntan to ” accentuate the high points of the face (high Control Bones, bridge of the nose and temples) to really make your skin shine.”

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