Stunning Pictures Of Deepika Padukone In Saree

Since her debut in the hit film “Om Shanti Om”, Deepika Padukone never turns around. Bollywood’s highest-paid actress has been a resounding success in the industry. Even outside the screen, the camera simply loves Deepika for her athletic body, perfect skin and impeccable clothing. Even though she’s seen in a variety of outfits, the way she drapes a sari is certainly sensational. Let’s explore some of our favorite collections of Deepika Padukone Saree to give you some major fashion goals with Stunning Pictures Of Deepika Padukone In Saree:

1. Deepika Padukone In Red Saree:

This lovely Deepika look in red sari can surely give you sleepless nights. The bright red flying suit is Deepika Padukone’s last sari, which she combined with a sleeveless high collar blouse to accentuate her shoulders. Her winged eyeliner and nude make-up perfectly match the vibrant tint of the saree. A multi-layered Polki and pearl necklace make us say “Wow”!

2. Deepika Padukone In Saree Gown:

Stunning Pictures Of Deepika Padukone In Saree

Saree dresses are the latest trend and can wear it better than Mrs. Ranveer! This elegant beige and white saree dress are perfect for parties, where you can combine the simplicity of a saree with the style of a dress and enjoy the best of both worlds. The upper part is a lace blouse that is attached to a satin drape. Try this look to catch your eyes at the next party!

3. Deepika Padukone Wedding Saree:

Stunning Pictures Of Deepika Padukone In Saree

Deepika Padukone literally blocked the Internet on her wedding day with some of the best saris ever made. After all, the queen deserves only the best. This silk gold sari has been chosen for its reception. She totally achieved the Royal look with an emerald neck trick and matching nails. It would be every bride’s dream to wear such an exquisite piece on a wedding day.

4. Deepika Padukone In Silk Saree:

Now it’s a look that turns people’s heads! The thick sari Banaras Silk in red and gold can make you notice in all evenings. The saree comes with a complex geometric weaving on all the bodies while the Palla is kept simple at Golden Zari. A plain red blouse offers a balance to the richness of the sari.

5. Deepika Padukone In Sabyasachi Saree:

One of the reasons for Deepika’s success in the world of Fashion In Sabyasachi. This legendary designer has created many masterpieces for the Diva, including this white floral printed saree. The saree is a romance of classic English design with the subtleties of Indian clothing. This became a sensation overnight with many fashionistas across the country.

6. Deepika Padukone With Saree In Chennai Express:

Stunning Pictures Of Deepika Padukone In Saree

How can we forget the iconic character “meenalochani” from Chennai Express? Deepika performed the character of a sparkling, free-spirited southern Indian beauty in this successful film. Among the many saris she wore, this orange and this blue will certainly stand out. The light silk sari makes it sizzle on the screen.

7. Deepika In Net Saree:

Known for its curved waist, Deepika looks amazing in this delicate net sari. The beige sari chic is adorned with floral work using pastel colored threads. A touch of bling is added to the border to make it shine and shine. The blouse is tastefully made with all-over yarn and a metallic décolleté.

8. Deepika Padukone In Floral Saree:

Stunning Pictures Of Deepika Padukone In Saree

Deepika looks like a dream in this flowery printed sari . This muslin sari features one of the best color combinations using red and pink on a pastel green background. A gold edging enhances the beauty of the sari and gives it a magnificent look. She did the perfect look with a pastel green sequins blouse.

9. Deepika Padukone Half Saree:

Discover this unique piece worn by Deepika for a reward function! The Lehenga skirt style is transformed into a half-sare by using a Net Dupatta. A black shirt with a high collar offers the ideal silhouette for this long-necked beauty. This model mi-sari became an instant love for many young girls who have tried to copy this look!

10. Deepika Padukone Mirror Work Saree:

You don’t have to reach the sky for the stars, this picture of Deepika makes us hope that there is a bright star on Earth! The actress is impeccable with this white sari and her shiny sequins blouse. A hint of light on the sari can give the illusion of a thousand stars walking on the ramp.

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