Simple Mehendi Designs for Any Special Occasion

Mehendi is just a simple thing that enhances the beauty of your hands. Most of these days feel like it’s so old school. Well, I mean, old school may be, but nothing has been introduced to date that can embellish your hands like this. Mehndi is your only art option available when it comes to embellishing your hands.

In this article, we present simple mehndi designs to test for yourself without the need for a special occasion.

Simple Mehendi designs for Festivals

1. Delicate work of art:

This beautiful design follows a trail of your index pattern. It’s a mixture of all the different patterns. It has a trail of mandalas, some circular shapes, some decorated forms, paisleys and much more. The detailed work looks beautiful and is perfect for weddings or any festive occasion. The most interesting fact about this design is the design of the cute little heart. The heart attracts all attention. Perfect motive for the wedding. The proper space in la palma makes the design even more attractive.

2. Leafy trails:

Simplicity at its finest. Nothing ends much. If you are not a professional in mehendi’s drawing, then this is your safest option. We all know how to draw leaves, it doesn’t have to be perfect, only leaves will do. Follow a trail of leaves as you see fit. The image here is just a sample. You can work at your own convenience, how you want your design to look. Follow some light, dark strokes and draw a simple pattern on your fingers. No wonder only leaves can embellish your hands so well.

3. Manadala design:

A mandala is a very common motif you can find in all mehendi designs. You can draw any design you want, as long as you can keep it simple. The picture here is of a huge mandala that completely covers the back of your hand. The proper shading and spacing make it look even more elegant. For fingers, you can draw any design you want, but here are some complex floral designs that cover all your fingers. The main thing to remember here is to keep a minimum space between the mandala and the design on the fingers. This will enhance the beauty of the design, as well as its hands.

4. Simple yet gorgeous:

Mehendi is supposed to be carried in your palms, but that doesn’t mean your backhand can look any less beautiful. Look at this beautiful beauty here and they’ll dazzle you too. This is certainly a very nice and detailed design so far. Worth drooling for this unusual design. We love the landscapes, the circular motifs and the intricate details of the fingers. This is a work of art.

5. Sheer elegance:

Doesn’t this upside-down design look like an accessory? Insurance that yes. We simply love and adore how this design is in hand. We love the loops, the beads and the huge flower on the wrist. If you don’t want to use any real accessory and want to draw your own accessory, this design is perfect for you. The combination of all the different patterns plus the strings attached to your ring finger is enough to make anyone speechless. A lovely design to wear even for casual days.

6. Simple and Pretty:

Well, if you thought the leaves were the only simple design you could have, we have something else for you. Look at this other simple-reverse mehendi design. Here’s a big flower covering your wrist area. You don’t have to draw the whole flower and, therefore, you don’t have to worry about it being perfect. Just draw petals big enough to be visible. You can save the leaves for your fingers. If you want to add a little more elegance, draw some beads at the beginning of the nails and show it. Simple but elegant and uncomplicated.

7. Enchanting blooms:

Love of flowers, obsessed with it? Then why not put it in your hands. Here we have a beautiful mehendi design for all flower lovers. We have a great circular motif with a flower at the beginning that follows a path to the end of the design. The whole index finger is covered with flowers and leaves. The degraded effect of the design makes it look old and old. This is something you will find drawn on the walls of the palaces of the ancient kings and Queens. Simply striking.

8. A detailed checkered design:

The checks are very recent. You see them everywhere. So why not add some controls to your mehendi design? This beautiful work of art comprises the ancient paisley and flowers with a touch of symmetrical controls on the side. The index finger is covered with some boxes of diamonds, some swirls and lines, while all other fingers are naked. The simplicity of this design is what makes it worthwhile to use it.

9. A quintessential mehendi design:

That’s what your mehendi will look like once it’s dried up. Look at that color, isn’t it beautiful? The design is quite simple with a mandala and some lines, dots and leaves on the fingers. The charm of minimalism is enough to breathe. You’ll want to use mehendi, even if you’re not a fan.

10. Full coverage mehendi design:

Isn’t it a traditional mehendi design in full swing? That’s it. This will cover whole palms that go to your wrist. A perfect mehendi design for the wedding. The beauty of this design is that you have two different designs on both hands. The difference is what makes it so unique and attractive. It has a wide variety of motifs and patterns to beautify your hands like no other. So if you’re a girlfriend or soon you will be, definitely give this design a shot.

11. Intricate and detailed:

A beautiful game of dark and light strokes. The beautiful mehendi design is drawn with immense intelligence. Sharp precision and detailed design make it super elegant and elegant. The proper space between intricate design makes it much more special and sophisticated. Specially designed for brides, a great way to accentuate the bridal aspect in general.

12. Breathtaking backhand design:

A beautiful reverse design. This design shows you exactly how to use flowers in your mehendi. All the mehendi is drawn around the two huge flowers as you can see in the picture. We have some leaves, some eddies and also some geographical forms. If you have no idea how to draw your mehendi, stick to the flowers and work around you. Draw whatever you think and visualize how you want your mehendi to look.

13. Multi patterened heavy design:

This design is not easy to achieve. It requires a lot of understanding of the space, angles, symmetry, and diagonals of the design. Mehendi’s design here is a complex job if it’s art and you can see the attention to details. Despite being so heavy and covering a vast area of your hands, this design still does not seem clumsy or congested. The patterns par excellence between grids, flowers, leaves and other patterns are quite visible.

14. Mesmerizing design:

A fascinating work of art with beautiful flowers and a dancing peacock. From your wrist, you’ll see some heavy strokes of floral motifs heading for a peacock on the other side. The peacock opens its way to a variety of patterns that include swirls and circular motifs and leaves along with grids. This is something you don’t get tired of. It is so intricate and detailed, as well as being clean and elegant.

15. A beautiful trail:

After seeing all those heavy designs, it’s so refreshing to see this simple, fresh mehendi design. A beautiful path of flowers, swirlls and paisley. Nothing complicated or crowded. A simple and sophisticated design. This mehendi design is in a repetitive pattern that descends from your fingers to a little below your wrist. The effect of Shadows and the right spacing in the design make its beauty easier to use.

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