Salman Khan Vs Shah Rukh Khan: Who Among The 2 Khans Is The Biggest On Social Media?

Bollywood’s Big Khans are also quite active on social media and enjoy a giant fanatic. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they have millions of followers in each and the fan base is increasing like anything else.

Much has been said about the box office pull of both superstars before, but today we are here to talk about their presence on social media and who is best at it.

i) Salman Khan

1. Facebook: 37 M 
2. Twitter: 37.5 M 
3. Instagram: 24.7 M

Total – 99.2 M

ii) Shah Rukh Khan

1. Facebook: 29 M 
2. Twitter: 38.5 M 
3. Instagram 17.7 M

Total – 85.2 M

Salman Khan is the clear winner here, as he has many more followers on social media compared to SRK. Even though Shah leads the way on Twitter, It is Facebook and Instagram that needs to improve the game.

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