Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf’s Eid gift with ‘Superstar’

Pakistan’s beloved actress, Mahira Khan, who plays the lead role in her release ‘Superstar’ by Eid Al Adha, is well aware of the idol status granted to her by her fans around the world.

While she is enchanted with all the love and adoration she has been given, fame can come with her own luggage.

A star has so much responsibility. It goes beyond acting or acting as an artist … Suddenly, it connects with people in such a way that they look at it for everything. You become her sister, her daughter, her best friend, ” Khan said in an interview with the tabloid Gulf News! in Dubai last month.

These fans also have the right to scold and even scold him, believes Khan, who visited our Gulf News headquarters together with actor Bilal Ashraf as part of his UAE press package, organized by Parallel Lines.

“But they will also fight for you fiercely. Wearing that [superstar tag] on your shoulders is hard and heavy, ” Khan said.

In “Superstar”, directed by Mohammad Ehteshamuddin, Khan plays Noor, an unknown relative, who enters into a complicated relationship with high-profile and experienced theatre actor Sameer Khan (Ashraf).

They belong to two different worlds and dramatic peaks when the rising actor Noor, whose screen name is Noori, woos the fame and wealth of his own family, eclipsing Sameer Khan’s undaunted career.

There is anguish, emotional crisis and power struggles. In case you were wondering, it is not inspired by box office hits such as the successful winner of an Oscar of Hollywood ‘Star Is Born’, the corrosive romance of Bollywood ‘Aashiqui 2’ or ‘Abhimaan’ of Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachcan, a disturbing story of husband musician that can’t handle the growing popularity of his wife as a singer.

“‘Superstar’ is absolutely original … It comes from a real place. ‘Superstar’ comes from a place of purity and innocence. It comes from a childish place, ” Khan said.

For Ashraf, his festive film ‘Superstar’, which competes with the wedding romance’ Parey Hut Love’, taught him to love again.

But not just romantic love, he added.

“‘Superstar’ has taught me how to find love in small things and in their relationships, either with their father, grandfather, son or daughter. Carries a message of love. I connected with the characters in this film, ” Ashraf said.

Khan said he identifies with the first half of the film, the part where Noor is an unknown artist, but the transformation of his character into the second half is something he had to create from his imagination.

At the press conference in Dubai, he felt a sense of deja vu when he was about to step on the red carpet. There’s a scene in the movie where Noori is inside his car, standing guard to meet his legion of red carpet fans. His memories of his troubled relationship are in his mind, but he has to put his game face on and dazzle his fans.

“Even when I was about to leave today, I was thinking of some strange memories. But I had to go out like a star … I identify a lot with this film, ” Khan said.

Khan is one of Pakistan’s most recognizable and financiable stars. Her turn on the prestigious red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and her successful works such as her debut film ‘Bol’ (2011), ‘Bin Roye’ (2015) and her successful television series ‘Humsafar’ have put her on top of the show.

Your role as a troubled superstar pushes you into the Dark Zone?

“We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt lonely, we feel that people don’t understand the position I’m in … Loneliness can make you a lonely person and resent you … Although I don’t know the definition of what darkness is, the place where we are the support may be dark. Let’s hope Sameer [his lover on screen] doesn’t let Noor go there, ” Khan said.

While Khan and Sameer do not plummet into desperate depths in this drama about the dark side of Fame and the cost it has in relationships, there are times when actors feel they live in a fish tank in real life. Your fans look inside without really understanding them completely.

“But what they see is not what I see. What they feel is that the truth is not my truth. Many times we can’t go and say it out loud. My life has its own story, ” Khan said. According to her, the essence of a celebrity or public figure who attains the status of ‘superstar’ is adequately summed up in one of the dialogues in ‘Superstar’. A dialogue that essentially translates into a superstar is a person who is not understood by everyone, but who pleases everyone and touches his heart, but does not stay there forever.

“I don’t think an actor knows why he’s a superstar or what makes you one,” Khan said. Although he has not discovered the mechanics behind the stardom, he left the local UAE press waiting for more than two hours for it to appear at the press conference in Dubai. Her tardiness was duly noted, but forgiven because she had an unexpected ‘wardrobe malfunction’ where her sari blouse was torn at the last minute, forcing a last-minute change of dress. Your sincere apology made us forget the long wait.

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