Hairstyles for Long Hairs to Suit Your Style

Hair is considered to be the most important part of a woman’s body. It’s considered every woman’s jewelry. Long, beautiful and delicious hair is an extreme need for all women on this earth. Hairstyle is also an important part of a woman’s daily life. While most women remain confused about what hairstyle to do, some are classified only when it comes to hairstyle. The most fascinating part of the hairstyle is that some hairstyles are specifically designed for long and short hair. And if you do everything right, you can look absolutely dazzling.

Long hairstyles have always gained an advantage when it comes to the fashion industry. They’ve always been graceful with that extra touch of femininity. But those days when women had to have long hair are gone. Today, short hair has gained much recognition and importance and seems to have recovered quite well. So girls with short hair don’t have to worry. You have a lot of hairstyles to go too. However, in this article, we will deal specifically with hairstyles for long and medium hairstyles.

Whether it’s a braid, a ponytail or you decide to use open hair, you’ll find all the hairstyles on our list today. All hairstyles are perfectly elegant and fit to suit everyone’s fashion requirements. So without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Messy mermaid hairstyle:

Long, messy hairstyles are a trend right now. While these hairstyles have made their way on the walkways, these hairstyles are perfect for any occasion when you wear a magnificent designer dress. Or even for your casual street look. The versatility of these hairstyles is what makes him a favorite of the crowd. While the mermaid seems to be a little complicated, it’s the easiest braid style you can do for those limited-time situations. You don’t need to put too much effort into this hairstyle and you don’t need extensions either. It is voluminous, beautiful and has its own touch.

2. Triple fishtail braid:

Fishtail braid is another elegant hairstyle you can do for almost every occasion. It’s not as complicated as it looks. As long as you can hold each strand of hair between your fingers and keep a trace of which strand goes after which, you can possibly master this art. However, the braid we have here will require someone else’s help. Here we are talking about a three-strand fish tail braid. If you feel that a ponytail is good enough for you and you’re afraid of the idea of a braid, this could be a little difficult. But with some practice, you can do it right. In addition to a fish tail braid we also have a twisted flower bun on top. The entire hairstyle is decorated with flowers to enhance beauty.

3. Flower adorned plait:

Floral hairstyles are an excellent way to give your outfit a touch of jazz for any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, a haldi ceremony or some cultural function, hairstyles adorned with flowers are the star at every party. Every bride seems to be interested in a bulky braid and these hairstyles really seem to attract attention all the time. In this image, we have our bride wearing a pretty floral hairdo that has a crown of fish tail on top and a regular part on the bottom. All the braid is adorned with roses to embellish it even more.

4. Soft tight curls:

Long hair with curls is truly elegant. It is said that women who can wear curly hair are bold and confident. This hairstyle not only gives it an elegant look, but also makes it a very glamorous accessory. In our image, we have our girlfriend wearing a curly hairdo that has a crown of baby breath and all the hair stays open in soft straight curls. All the hair is decorated with small flowers to make the hair more beautiful.

5. Wavy hair with braided bun:

Wavy hair is the most versatile hairstyle of all time. It is natural, impeccable and takes just more minutes of your time. Here we also have a wavy hairdo with a touch. The front section is twisted into a braid that is then twisted into a flower bun. The rest of the hair is open in beautiful and natural waves. The braided section is equipped with purple flowers to increase the glamour ratio. These are perfect weddings or graduation parties or any other event and function.

6. Voluminous braided hairstyle:

Bulky braids are cult favorites. It’s quite the trend and it’s one of the favorites of all the girlfriends there are. Wedding hairstyles require a lot of time and effort and therefore must be perfect by all means. Your hair has to endure many environmental factors during the wedding. Whether it’s wind, heat, sweat or millions of guest hugs, it’s got to go through a lot. A braid is the best hairstyle to get through all this. In the image, the braid has an unusual volume and is beautiful with the delicate hair accessory.

7. Fluffy hearts braid:

This is the best and most creative hairstyle on the list. We love this hairdo. For this, you need to split your hair into two sections, the top and the bottom. The section of the crown is designed in a twisted hairstyle that leaves the rest of the hair open. Now, for the lower part, take some small sections and tie them on a ponytail, placing each ponytail on top of each other to create a heart-like pattern. And that’s all you’ve done. Just extend the sections to create a fluffy, bulky effect. Just equip the crown part with a gold accessory and ready! It creates your hair super nice.

8. Twisted hairstyle:

Twisted hairstyles are ideal for all kinds of faces. These romantic hairstyles look great for every occasion and work best on medium to long hairs. In the image, the section of the crown is divided into several strands and each strand is taken from left to right to create the twisted appearance as shown. The rest of the hair is left open in waves. This hairstyle complements all age groups and can be worn in Indian and Western style dresses to feel elegant.

9. Rose bun:

This hairstyle is the perfect amalgam of feminine and chic. This is one of those few styles that are unique and intricate but still easy to design in everyday life. Split your hair in two and secure the top with an elastic. Then braid the upper section and roll it to form a bun. Secure the bun with some pins and that’s it. It creates its romantic and fascinating rose updo. It’s really so simple. Try adding some loose curls to the remaining part and your hair is complete.

10. Front tied braid:

Are you looking for a mehendi or haldi hairstyle? That’s it. A perfect hairdo for all your occasions and invitations. It is trouble-free, uncomplicated and does not require frequent touch-ups from time to time. All the hair is carried to one side and then tied with elastic to make the shape of the hair as shown. It’s a very easy hairdo to do and it looks great too. The perfect way to personalize this look is to put some flowers. The combination of yellow flowers and Roses Not only matches your dress but also steals the show.

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