Designer Bridal Lehengas for Wedding

Designer Bridal Lehengas for Wedding
Designer Bridal Lehengas for Wedding

Designer Bridal Lehengas for Indian Wedding, A wedding is the most auspicious occasion in a person’s life. We planned a lot for our wedding day. We planned it for months and years to make nothing perfect. While all arrangements are important, a bride’s dress is equally important.

The hustle and bustle of both boyfriends begin well before the wedding day. While all the family members take care of all the other arrangements, you’re sitting there smashing your brain after a perfect wedding outfit. You’ve fantasized like a princess since you were a child, and this is the perfect occasion to make this dream come true.

You hunt the designers in the country and go out and try all the pieces they’ve made. But something’s still not right. Something’s out of place and it doesn’t give you that look or feel like a princess. Finally, you lose all faith in designers and turn to the online market. But disappointment hits there too.

┬┐What are you doing now?? After you realize that you’ve wasted a lot of time and that your wedding day is knocking on the door, what happens now? Don’t worry girl. We got you covered. In this article, we will show you some beautiful sets that will instantly lighten your mood.

We’re about to show you some lehenga designs that we know are the favorites of any culture. Let everyone else handle all the mess and we’ll help you focus on your perfect outfit. A lehenga is an epitome of style, tradition, and elegance. So, when you feel all hope is gone, we arrive as a Messiah.

Bridal Lehengas for Indian Wedding

These designs are about to set some serious fashion goals and you will definitely be intimidated by wanting them all. Then, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Blue lehenga with copper embroidery

Designer Bridal Lehengas for Wedding
Designer Bridal Lehengas for Wedding

Celebrity stylist Manish Malhotra knows how to create magic every time he designs an outfit. This blue lehenga of him is an absolute beauty. It has intricate embroidered copper embroidery everywhere and a contrasting copper shoulder curtain. It also comes with a blue curtain on your chest. Beauty has no words, we just love it. Combine it with some traditional matching jewelry to compliment the look.

2. Pretty in pink:

Designer Bridal Lehengas for Wedding
Designer Bridal Lehengas for Wedding

The Indian designer got us excited! This pretty Anita Dongre gum lehenga is definitely gonna leave your audience in awe. This splendid attire features intricate gold embroidery all over the blouse and skirt. It also has a matching embroidered dupatta and an orange shoulder shade sunset in contrast. Everything is perfectly designed. Nothing can beat this.

3. Swoon in yellow

This rustic but elegant lehenga adds a fresh touch to contemporary otherwise red and pink lehengas. This bright yellow color instantly illuminates the mood. This lehenga features a very embroidered short-sleeved blouse and a delicately embroidered skirt. It also has a blocked color on the yellow shoulder and draped pink. Combine it with minimal jewelry and subtle makeup to look fresh and alive like your outfit.

4. One for everyone

Where do we start? These girls shocked us. Each of them looks beautiful. Let’s start with the bride, she’s wearing this pretty pink dress. It features a very ornate sequined dress and a matching head curtain. The sisters wear green and white lehenga respectively. The green lehenga features a sequined blouse with uncovered shoulders and skirts with draping on the shoulders. The white lehenga features a blouse adorned with a V-neck up to the elbow, a skirt with golden edges and a matching drape. They all look heavenly we must admit.

6. Cool in blue

This blue looks bluer than the ocean. Anita Dongre has put her heart and soul into the design of this piece. It features a gold-free blouse with a skirt embroidered in blue gold and silver. It also has a contrasting pink shoulder curtain with tassels and a matching blue envelope with the head. Minimal jewelry and soft makeup will complete this look.

6. The classic red

Red always seems appropriate for marriage. Isn’t it? This classic red lehenga with golden embroidery looks perfect for the bride. The color is only enough to be chosen by the brides, blindfolded. Gehenna features a short-sleeved beige blouse with golden embroidery and a red skirt with Golden divine embroidery. It also has a beige shoulder curtain with red edges. There’s something special about this lehenga that can take your special day to a higher level.

7. Whole life is golden

This outfit is gonna steal the show. It’s so beautiful, I’m bewitched. I’m definitely buying this if I’m about to get married soon. This has sequins in relief in blouse and skirt. The skirt has a flare that lets you know that the material is not flimsy. He also has a pure pastel shoulder curtain to add to his divinity.

8. Hot pink bridal lehenga

This gives me a feeling of Sunset. The tones are so vibrant and soft at the same time, they remind me of the sunset. The lusty pink lehenga with golden embroidery complements the orange shoulder drape. It also has a matching pink drape to make it more charming. The color palette is enough to be on the wedding hit list.

9. Divine in red and green

Red combined with Green is an off-World combination. This lehenga is a delight to use for your choice of colors. It has a blouse embroidered in red gold up to the elbow and a minimum gold embroidered skirt. Look at that twist. Looks like everybody’s spinning with her. It also has a combined curtain of shoulders and head red and green.

10. Heavily embroidered frock

Cakes always seem like a show. And now that we have reached the end of our article, we will also end it with panels. The pink dress with green embroidery has stunning views. It gives serious challenges to our fashion sense. It also has a minty green head curtain to complete the look. Combine it with traditional jewelry and pink base makeup to complement the pastel tones.

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