Bride and Groom Wedding Dress Colour Combinations

It’s so fascinating to see the bride and groom combining the colors of their dresses on their big day. You’ll find them wearing colors you never thought would go well together. Here, in this article, we will see some color combinations of wedding dresses that the bride and groom chose to wear on their wedding day.

The safest bet when it comes to matching a pair of garments is to be elegant and uniform. We have seen many celebrity weddings that have followed this rule, but there are many others who have presented a completely different spectacle. We must admit that the use of all synchronized and combined devices has become quite predictable and sticky. In this article, we will share with you some amazing color combinations that will attract all the eyes of your audience. From a classic combination to something unusual and with a touch.

Wedding Dress Colour Combinations

So, if you’re someone, man or woman, who’s getting married soon, we’ll show you some amazing ideas for your wedding. Having a diversity of color combinations is something you will expect directly from Vogue. Like it or not, it’s super cool, adorable and cheerful. If you’ve never tried it, now is your best time.

So without much time let’s start.

1. Red with the red combination:

The classic combination will always be an option for people who are getting married. Our girlfriend and our boyfriend here also wear a matching red suit for their wedding. They look absolutely adorable, we must say. In addition to the dress code, the image they clicked on is super adorable as well.

2. Powder pink and blush pink combination:

Apart from red we also have a pink option. You don’t have to wear all the red always to combine the outfits. You have pink as a backup plan always. This color is not only super nice, but also very nice. The bride here is dressed in a powdered pink lehenga which is coordinated with the pink Safa Rouge and the groom’s turban. The muted tones look extremely beautiful for a wedding day.

3. Mint green and pink combination:

They look so happy and coordinated, don’t they? Look at our boyfriends here. The groom has beautifully coordinated his attire with every little detail of the bride’s attire. You don’t need to be a full twinning to look synchronized. You can do a little to prove your compatibility. After all, it’s not the dress that needs to be paired up, it’s the heart.

4. Its all about the prints:

It’s not just the colors you can match at your wedding. You can also match patterns and prints. Look at this newlyweds couple, Sheena Bajaj and Rohit Purohit, who beautifully are rock tracks. They’re not entirely identical, but they’re both wearing the printed outfit to look coordinated. In addition to this, the groom has a matching belt around his waist, and a turban and dupatta identical to the bride’s lehenga color.

5. Opposites attract:

Now, this is what we call coordinated with a twist. If you thought you could only wear red and Pink at your wedding, think again. Here’s an unconventional wedding suit for you. If you’re tired of wearing all those contemporary colors, try yellow. It’s fresh, bright and vibrant. It’s perfect for a summer wedding. Now let’s talk about the groom’s dress. As you can see from the picture, there is nothing similar to the bride’s attire. But they still seem coordinated despite their differences. Therefore, it is not always a question of matching the colors with which it may appear compatible if they are covered with colors.

6. Rich wine and ivory combination:

7. Matching lehenga with safa:

As you can understand from the headline, it’s about matching the lehenga with the Safa and the groom’s turban. You can think of the bride’s point of view to match the groom or you can think the other way around. Either way, the main intention is to match the suits. The bride wears a cherry red lehenga while the ivory sherwani with safa and turban matching. The idea is to play with the colors to be coordinated. And this is what this couple has managed to do.

8. Beige and maroon combination:

They are an ideal couple in every way. They look perfectly compatible even without doing anything. Here we can also see the groom matching his safe and turban with the color of the bride’s lehenga. The crude bears a rich lehenga of burgundy colour, while the groom wears a sherwani stamped in beige and white. They look perfectly coordinated with a little attention to detail.

9. Baby pink and ivory combination:

In this image, we see that the intricate pattern of the bride is the color of the groom’s sherwani. Another detailed combination if you look closely. At first, you won’t find anything that matches, but when you pay extra attention, you’ll notice the trick. So if you’re looking for a good way to combine your wedding suits, definitely not for this. It is simple and amazing and definitely does the trick.

10. Synched in contrast:

We’re all aware that this couple is getting married. Priyanka broke many boys ‘ hearts, I’m sure, while Nick did the same with millions of girls. But there’s no harm in shedding a little tear when you find your soul mate. They look super real and real we must admit. The synchronized look in contrast. Nothing in his attire is the same, but still, it’s their souls that match. And that’s all that matters. The khaki and red tone complement each other like the bride and groom.

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