Best Eyeshadow Palettes

Best Eyeshadow Palettes

It seems that a new best eyeshadow palettes is launched every five minutes in the makeup world, making it a difficult choice. Now, you may think you don’t have room in your makeup kit for another palette, but we’ve done some serious testing to find you some worthwhile options.

You usually get what you pay for with eye shadow, cheaper brands usually have less pigment, are often harder to mix and sometimes have a chalky texture that doesn’t last on the skin.

All the pallets that participated in this gathering had to have creamy formulas miscible to longevity – we managed to find excellent purchases at less than £ 15 that did quality.

A good brush is an excellent addition or no brush at all – we don’t want to see these foam applicators for waste that immediately end up in a landfill. So, if you want to wear a matte, there is a Best Eyeshadow Palettes that suits all tastes and shades of skin in this selection of the best. Best Eyeshadow Palettes

Charlotte Tilbury starry eyes to hypnotize eyeshadow palette

Best Eyeshadow Palettes

You don’t have to stick with its suggested trios – the combinations are infinite if you mix them. The pigmentation and color gain is excellent and we love the formula of the molten texture of the jewel tones – not quite a Pressed powder shade, but not entirely creamy either. This makes it easy to mix and gives them a long life. Probably at the upper end of our palette price range acceptable, but the carefully chosen colors to suit all skin tones combined with beautiful textures ensure that there is no wasted shade here.

Delilah Cosmetics color intense eyeshadow palette

It’s not a new launch, but it’s a classic and one that we’ve probably used more than any other pallet in the past year. The nuances are among the prettiest neutral tones we have seen and come in a deliciously sized palette handbag. The shimmering, matte textures of Velvet are nude, pale pink, gold, Mink and canon Grey, which blend harmoniously. This versatile palette makes it easy to move from soft daylight to a darker Charbonneau eye at night.

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina eyeshadow palette, 14 shades

Developed with makeup artist and Youtuber Jackie Aina, her love of bright colors is evident throughout the Best Eyeshadow Palettes. There are 14 vivid shades, dazzling metalized with definite Matt shades. During the first appearances, this palette seems the most intimidating of our range, but the textures, tones, and nuances chose are all extremely easy to use and blend. We especially like the white shade “trust issues”, a bar of sparkling white gold with lime green reflections. On the skin, these nuances seem ferocious and not frightening.

Victoria Beckham Beauty eye brick in a tuxedo, four shades

Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you’ll know that Victoria Beckham’s new makeup line has been the pipeline for some time. Its social media channels were flooded with teased previews of the brand and it was finally launched in September, acclaimed by critics.

She worked with Sarah Creal (formerly global head of makeup development at Estee Lauder) as a co-creator. So we expected great things. That didn’t disappoint. We tested the brick for the eyes of smoking, a mink quad, Turtledove grey, and intense anthracite, with a base color nude double size. The shades are housed in a tortoiseshell style component, which opens flat for easy use, and the shadows offer a matte satin finish that applies smoothly.

Beckham’s line is eco-friendly from start to finish; the Make-Up is humane and free of harmful toxins and the packaging is made from recycled material and minimal plastic, which comes in a biodegradable foam. Sustainable and luxurious beauty is possible and more brands should do the same.

Nars ignited eyeshadow palette, 12 shades

This limited edition NARS palette offers an astonishing range of Matt, glossy and shimmering finishes. From bronze to earthenware to magenta glitter, you can create many looks with this hot-colored palette. The colors are durable and without folds thanks to the formulas rich in pigments. They can be applied dry or with a thin wet brush to serve as an eyeliner. At first, some colors seem quite bold, but they can be applied subtly for a perfect finish and superimposed for a more intense look in the evening.

Too Faced palm springs dream cocktail party eyeshadow palette, 12 shades

These bright Californian colors are not for sensitive souls but are ideal for having a little more fun with your make-up. There are many Matt transition nuances here, ideal for blending into the fold, which we look for when the other nuances in the palette are much bolder. But the real reason you should use this Best Eyeshadow Palettes are for the shimmering: the glittering golden shade “Dirty martini”, the bright pink “stick” sparkling, the turquoise blue “swank” sparkling and the “buzz” dark pink.

If you want inspiration on how to use these bold nuances, you’ll find a” glamour guide”, step by step, that will give you tips on four great looks. Too Faced constantly pushes the limits of makeup with funny colors and packaging, without compromising the creation of great formulas with impressive color fallout.

It Cosmetics naturally pretty matte luxe transforming eyeshadow palettes

Appropriately named Palette, these universally flattering nuances combine to create perfectly natural makeup looks. There is a dark anthracite grey and a Midnight Oil blue, so you can still get a sensual smoke eye, but the rest is moles, minks, light gray and tender roses. The 14 shades are matte, but by using the largest tray “transformative pearl”, you can soften any shade into a shimmering mother-of-pearl color. The talc-free anti-aging formula is packed with collagen and real silk for an easy-to-slide, non-uplifting texture. This is the palette of choice for a superb soft day look and would be perfect for bride make-up.

Elf Cosmetics the new classics eyeshadow palette, eighteen shades

Best Eyeshadow Palettes

This one contains an impressive 18 tones including matt, satin, and reflections. It is an excellent palette for all skin tones – the website displays samples of each shade on a lighter and darker skin, which is useful for those who buy online without having to perform pre-tests. From gold in warm tones to pink and colder Grays, you can create many looks with this. The nuances of definition of charcoal, earthy brunettes and chocolate are enough to look at a seriously smoked territory. With its smooth and fusible textures, this palette is also cruelty-free and vegan.

Marc Jacobs eye-conic multi-finish eye palette in scandalous, seven shades

Even before you find the tones of gemstones inside, this compact by Marc Jacobs is truly chic, which adds to the immediate appeal. In keeping with the season, there are warm autumn shades of terracotta, bronze, roux and dark pink gold, and two rich shades of berries for definition. We found that these colors looked great on warmer flesh tones. The shadows are also free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Kat Von D shade + light eye contour palette, 12 shades

Best Eyeshadow Palettes

If you prefer to get away from the metallic brilliance and the glitter, this ultra-matte palette is made for you. The nuances are divided into neutral, cold and warm tone trios and the palette includes easy-to-follow instructions on how to define, lift or balance the eye using different shading techniques. The basic tint of double size means you won’t touch the tray until the other tints are done – a frustration of many other pallets. And in each trio, there is a contour color, a shade, and a highlighter. Finely milled and silky with high pigmentation, this palette offers an excellent color rendering that lasts.

Urban Decay naked honey eyeshadow palette, 12 shades

Urban Decay Naked pallets are probably the most popular in the area. It would not be a complete synthesis without the brand’s latest innovations. This season’s offer, Honey, is for bees. With shadow names such as “Amber”, “swarm”, “Queen”, “beehive” and “sting”, it is a gloriously golden mixture of Hot Brown bronzes, gold, and Earth Brown, with some nuances of base and a darker brown definition. The palette also includes a good quality brush with round and beveled tips, which is a rare and wonderful surprise. It’s vegan, too.

Sleek Makeup major morphosis eyeshadow palette, 18 shades

Best Eyeshadow Palettes

This offer from Sleek is an excellent value for money, as the 18 large color pots have a surprisingly correct pigment, texture, and longevity. Filled with shiny neons and holographic reflections, these nuances are amazing on the tones of olive and darker skin. Bright pink and royal blue were our favorite. There are also enough soft smokey shades for the palette to suit those who prefer a more subtle eye. We found that the two shimmering metal Grays were beautiful together.

Boutique eyeshadow palette in peaches & cream, 12 shades

This shop pallet was to be included for its value. If your beauty budget is strict, this palette is made for you. The nuances are perfect for an everyday neutral eye, but you can always mount it with the darker, smoky nuances for an evening look. The added vitamin E, aloe vera and jojoba in the formula make these nuances really fuse. The pigment is not too strong, so it is a good starting point for beginners with Charbonneau’s eyes because the colors are really constructible. “Sweet sparkle” in shimmering pink gold and” midnight fig “dark purple with a definition of” cassis ” go well together.

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