Beautiful & Simple Mehndi Designs for Hand

Mehndi! What can I say about this? Let’s say it as something simple that enhances the beauty of your hands. Most of these days feel like it’s so old school. Well, I mean, old school may be, but nothing has come up to date that can embellish your hands like this.

This extraordinary culture has just been limited to weddings and festivities. We do not find people who embrace this culture so often today. We recently saw our famous girlfriends with mehndi during their marriage ceremony.

In that sense, people feel that mehndi culture is more popular in Southeast Asian countries, namely India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. But not many people are familiar with the fact that this art has gained immense popularity in Arab countries, as well as in the Middle East.

Mehndi is originally derived from the Sanskrit word “Mendhika”, which means the henna plant itself. Mehendi is used by women around the world to decorate their hands and legs. With the wedding season on, Mehndi is a very popular art this season. Mehendi also has much significant relevance in the Hindu religion. It is considered an integral part of the” solaah sringar ” of brides.

Mehndi is considered an essential part of the Indian wedding. It is also called auspicious for brides. The Indians also held a separate Mehndi ceremony the night before the wedding. It is also considered a tradition for brides to have their hands and feet loaded with mehndi. Now that we’ve seen so much importance of Mehndi, let’s look at some of mehndi’s designs that you can incorporate into your wedding day.

1. Multiple Patterns:

This is a very simple and beautiful mehndi design. Cover the whole palm and a little bit of your wrist. The design features multiple patterns such as flowers, some circular designs, and the frame pattern with growing trends. It looks beautiful and this design will definitely make your day.

2. Heavy strip design:

This is another nice design. This is a little different from the previous one. The design covers the whole plan of your hands but doesn’t cover all your fingers. Just cover the index finger. The design is very loaded with various patterns and art. Simple and Pretty is what you can say about this.

3. A charm of elegance:

This design is super intricate mehndi. You almost seem to have some jewelry on your hands. This mehndi only appears on the back of your hands. It has a beautiful bracelet like the design, a circular design and some patterns that cover the fingers. The proper space between patterns makes the design even better. There is not much left to say about this design, except to enjoy its beauty.

4. Intricately Woven:

This is a splendid work of art. This impressive design marks the talent and skills of designers. The mehndi looks heavier and more complete. Cover the whole palm of your hand to the wrist. It also covers the whole fingers. The beautiful arches make it look like you have a palace in your hands. Perfect for brides, this design will definitely make you feel like a princess. The obvious spacing is what adds to its charm. It doesn’t seem confusing or congested, everything is perfectly in place. Just the way it should be.

5. A floral trail:

An incredible job of skillful talent. The design is extremely beautiful and instantly draws your attention. The design features the back of the hands from the middle finger to the elbow. A beautiful flower path and paisley design astounds people. The finger design also enhances the beauty of this design. If you’re not someone who’s a big fan of heavy designs, then this is perfect for you.

6. Floral and Paisley style:

Flowers and paisley are very common patterns in mehendi. When you have doubts, choose these patterns and instantly you will find beauty that oozes. They’re simple but never old. There are several designs you can make with these two patterns. Here, in this image, we have beautiful semicircular flowers, a paisley design and beautiful strokes and beads.

7. A treat to eyes:

This is definitely an eye gift. A design so intriguing that you can’t take your eyes off it. Perfect for the mehendi wedding ceremony, this will certainly help to elevate its entire bridal aspect. The design features the palm, wrist and fingers. The design consists of some beautifully shaded flowers, some leaves, paisley design and some bold and light strokes of incredibly decorated checks. What really strikes us are decorative hearts, especially those with fingers. Authentic and elegant, this is perfect for all the girlfriends there are.

8. Flowers and beads:

Overloaded with flowers but balanced with beads. Well, there’s nothing so overloaded on your wedding day. This day comes only once in your entire life, so you have every right to do whatever you want. From mehendi here we have some beautiful floral motifs with chains of beads attached. But one thing that really stands out is the initials of the bride and groom in mehendi’s design. Love showers is something this design implies.

9. Little hearts:

Who doesn’t love, love? And there is no form or design invented to show love except for a heart. This design flaunts that. All the mehendi is woven around these hearts. I’m sure I love this heart thing. This is not the only thing to love in this design. We have the intricately shaded paisley design, some leaves, some checkered boxes and many more. Perfect for girlfriends, but even if you’re not a girlfriend or a girlfriend, any mehendi lover can option for this design just to feel pretty.

10. The theme of tradition:

Nothing can defeat a traditional mehendi design. This is a classic design you will find in most wedding hands. Covering the entire palm of your hand and down to the middle of your arm, this design is a beauty. There’s a lot to do in this design. Everything is so elaborate that it gives you a solid and compact effect. Nothing looks out of place or odd. The proper space between the design refines the look and leaves it without congestion. However, the shadow of the mehendi stain is the most attractive feature.

11. Jhumka design:

Something different and unique is always welcome in the art world. This design is just that. The beautiful jhumkas hanging from a rope is what steals the show. Give me the wedding bell. It also has very shaded flowers, some checkered boxes and some leaves. Beautifully designed and presentable, this is a masterpiece of art.

12. Attention to Details:

A detailed work of art. This design features the palm, fingers and wrists. The design presents every detail so well that it makes mehendi more loved and hands much more elegant. It has multiple patterns, all of which are well painted and accurately drawn. There are no flaws or flaws in the entire design and it looks incredibly flawless. Light and bold tones make the appearance much more attractive.

13. The conventional grace:

A convention lover? Otherwise, you’re about to be. This bridal design presents the whole pattern that is generally believed to be associated with mehendi. We have flowers and leaves everywhere. There’s nothing like being obsessed with flowers or a floral overdose. It’s even your wedding and you’re the Queen. You can decide how many flowers you want in your hands. This design has intense floral work everywhere and is balanced by the light brushstrokes on your little finger. The flowers are so perfectly drawn that they don’t seem too overwhelming. A perfect mehendi bride design.

14. Dancing Peacock:

Minimalism is a trend today. It is so widespread that even mehendi designs are not safe from their understanding. The design in our image comprises only one peacock with its wings open. The bird is so beautifully drawn that every detail is well visible. I love this peacock thing. You can use this alone or you can design your complete mehendi around this theme.

15. The style of the Arabs:

We save the best for the last. The Arab mehendi style is something that women all over the world love. Women of all ages and ethnicities seem to fall in love with this design. This mehendi presents both sides of your hands and has intense floral work. The pattern in which it is drawn is said to be an Arabic style strip. The flowers are beautifully shaded, the leaves and the paisley designs are well defined. The overall appearance is clean and refined. Do not go randomly or bleak.

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