15 Latest Foot Mehndi Designs for 2020

Mehndi creations for hands are everywhere on the Internet. However, we do not find the same variety in Mehndi foot models. There are several types of Mehendi patterns for feet and we have found some of the newest ones for you. This list will help you find ideas for the perfect design of your feet. You can also check out other articles about simple and easy-to-find Mehndi designs.15 Latest Foot Mehndi Designs for 2020:

1. Floral Foot Mehndi Designs

The first design is simple and easy to make a floral pattern that is suitable for a wedding function or for festivals. The main motifs used in this design are vines and flower petals. Another variation of this model is the one with lotus flowers.

2. Hearts Foot Mehendi Designs

This design is ideal for Valentine’s day or Karvachauth. There are times when you don’t want to opt for a full-fledged Mehndi model. This is when having some simple but pretty pattern ideas will help you. Heart motifs are widely used in Indian Mehndi creations.

15 Latest Foot Mehndi Designs for 2020

3. Modern Foot Mehendi Designs

If you want to opt for a more modern Mehndi design for your feet, you can check out the models below. These motifs are inspired by Moroccan henna art. These designs will be a refreshing change from traditional Indian designs.15 Latest Foot Mehndi Designs for 2020:

4. Rajasthani Style Foot Mehendi Design

We have already seen Mehndi models of Rajathsani style for hands. Here we have three models of feet that you can consult. The patterns used are similar to those used for handmade patterns. These designs would be appropriate for brides because they are heavier and more complex.

15 Latest Foot Mehndi Designs for 2020

5. Gujrati Style Mehndi Designs for Feet

While most people are familiar with Rajasthan Mehndi designs, very few have heard of Gujarati Mehndi style. The truth is that the Gujarati Mehndi has a rich and long history. The patterns are quite similar to what you will find in Gujarati Kutch embroidery patterns.

6. Arabic Mehndi Design for Feet

15 Latest Foot Mehndi Designs for 2020

If you have a knowledge of Mehndi, it is likely that you have heard of the Arabic designs of Mehndi. These designs are especially popular among Mehndi bride artists. Although the patterns may be slightly more complex, you can omit some details or add your own as well.

7. Mandala Foot Mehndi Design

Our favorite creations from the list, Mandala Mehndi work for all occasions. Whether it’s a wedding or Karvachauth or even if you’re looking for a Mehndi design for your child, Mandala Mehndi design will make you stand out from the crowd. When you get this pattern on your feet, it is important to choose a suitable cone that will not spill excess dough. With Mandala Mehndi designs, You should opt for the Mehndi finger in color.

8. Pakistani Style Foot Mehndi Designs

15 Latest Foot Mehndi Designs for 2020

Mehndi is even more popular in Pakistan than in India. In fact, Pakistani styles often tend to be more elaborate and complex than traditional Indian models. In the drawings below, you can notice the difference in the patterns used. The design has thinner lines and smaller patterns that cover the entire foot.

9. Ankle Mehndi Designs

Now you can get a tattoo style Mehndi design on your ankle. These drawings are inspired by Western tattoos and generally do not incorporate ethnic motifs. Some patterns go all around your foot up to your toes while others are minimalist to look like the one in the picture.

10. Full Foot Mehndi Designs

We have a separate article about full-fledged Mehndi designs if you are looking for more complex designs and options. here we have selected simple models in which you do not have to worry too much about accuracy. These models will look as good as the most elaborate ones if they are well made.

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